This is the most common question we receive about the tank vest. The short answer: It depends on many variables. Here's the longer answer. Tank vests are form-fit for stability, as a heavy load that shifts unexpectedly while the bike is moving is not safe for the rider. Each tank vest pattern will vary widely based on the bike's manufacturer, model, year, OEM versus aftermarket fuel tank, etc. We can't afford to purchase or even rent one of every manufacturer, model, year, etc. of every motorcycle ever made so we can pattern the factory tank for a tank vest, never mind all of the aftermarket fuel tanks available. If we could, we wouldn't be running this business, we'd be catching rays on a warm sunny beach somewhere we could ride year-round! Instead, we rely on the generosity of riders near Winchester, VA who are willing to loan us their personal bikes while we pattern them. We do not ride the loaner to test the tank vest, we have the owner do it and give us feedback. We also have the owner do off-road test rides if appropriate, and then we make any needed design adjustments. In exchange for the loan and help with feedback, the owner gets a free tank vest. Since we're borrowing bikes owned by others, we have to take what we can get. We prioritize bikes to pattern based on the number of requests we receive. If you have a really rare bike then it's not likely we'll be patterning it since it's just not available.


Matthew Hackwell

Date 5/9/2014

2001 DR-Z400S w/stock tank. Any chance a tank vest for this model is in the near future?

Josh Tyree

Date 4/8/2015

2015 DR650, I love the idea of your product!!

Jesse Lucks

Date 5/12/2015

Any chance of a 2005 bmw r1200gs tank vest in the future?


Date 5/26/2016



Date 4/20/2017

2nd Vote for Dr650


Date 8/23/2019


Mr Nunley

Date 12/24/2019

Hope you make a vest for a T700 Yamaha or somone lend theirs to you to pattern .I love the vest. On my KLR but will be Buying a new Tene're 700 .and would like to run a vest on it as well.

Richard E Summerfield

Date 3/9/2020

Another vote for a tank vest for a YamahaTW 200

Mr Nunley

Date 5/9/2020

Would love to see a vest for the new 2021 yamaha Tene're 700 .i see this. Bike as the new winner for a vest so i hope some one get one so you vuys can make a vest for this bike . if lived closer I would lend you mine to pattern off of .

Justin N Haan

Date 3/7/2021

A vote for 2021 yamaha xt250.

Adrian Foskett

Date 4/2/2021

Triumph Tiger 2011 800cc Would love a tank vest in kakhi for me bike

Adrian Foskett

Date 4/2/2021

Triumph Tiger 2011 800cc Would love a tank vest in kakhi for me bike

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